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Reinforcements for Strong Rooms

Vaults Rooms are security protections for any installation that requires a high level of security. They are not only unique solutions for financial institutions, government departments, engineering, chemstries, industries or datacenters, and are becoming more demanded for private use too. The FRN panels allow the construction of new Vault Rooms, and the reinforcement of existing ones that do not have the appropriate security grades. Ferrimax manufactures panels from grade III up to grade XIII.
Theft resistance

Ferrimax's FRN panels have been designed and manufactured according to the European testing standards for safe - EN 1143-1, obtaining the grades III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII.

Our manufacturing process has been certified by Applus, guaranteeing that the delivered product has the same construction features than the tested one.

The FRN panels can be installed as:

  • reinforcement elements to those vault rooms that may not conform to the security grade required by law
  • new vault rooms in those places where it is impossible to build them with traditional means

The FRN panels are the most innovative and versatile construction method for vault rooms. It is based on the industrial construction systems and it is the only one able to guarantee the grade of security required. it consists of the production of panels of steel foil filled in with armours and composites. Designed with grooving and tonguing junctions that allow easy assembly, these panels serve to make up the walls, the ceiling and the floor of the vault room. the panels are fixed by means of electric welding, thus forming a monolithic group.

Standard colors

Grey FX


Biometric reader
Cable grommet
Pre-equipped system for alarm connection
Door with left-hand opening
Ventilation grilles


Grade RU* Model Panel cross-section  (mm) Weight (Kg/m2)
II 80 FRN 45 HB 45 155
III 120 FRN 60 HBX 60 205
IV 180 FRN 40 4XSA 40 145
FRN 60 4XSA 60 215
FRN 80 HB 80 220
V 270 FRN 40 BX3 40 166
FRN 80 HBX 80 225
VI 400 FRN 80 HBXSS 80 250
VII 600 FRN 80 BX3SS 80 255
FRN 100 4XSA 100 370
VIII 825 FRN 100 4XSA 100 375
IX 1050 FRN 150 4XS 150 533
X 1350 FRN 180 BX1 180 620