Luxury and security
combined to build and exclusive range of safes

Our range of Luxury Edition safes is the result of our passion for what we do and our more than forty years of experience manufacturing security elements for companies and individuals.

Our motivation has always been to protect what have an incalculable value, those objects whose sentimental value makes them irreplaceable, regardless of what it is: jewellery, fountain pens, watches, etc...

Showroom in Barcelona

Our showroom located in Barcelona offers us an exclusive environment in which the customer can choose all the details of their safe.

A unique space with architectural elements characteristics of the area, with great visual and cultural value, which gives to it a lot of character.

On the main floor of the local there is an exhibition area where you can know each pieces that make up the collection.

We have also created a Customer Experience area, where you can configure them according to your personal needs, style or preferences, and see samples of all the customisation options available.

Finally, we have a more versatile space in the basement, where you can hold meetings or even relax in the lounge area.

A unique space in the heart of Barcelona


Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 623
08010 Barcelona, SPAIN
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(+34) 935 198 513
(+34) 607 063 339

Showroom Barcelona

Make an appointment and discover the infinite possibilities that we offer you to design an exclusive safe for you.

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Luxury and safety united in an exclusive product range

In this exclusive range of safes, we have selected the most exquisite interiors and finishes, making them unique luxury pieces.

Their carefully chosen designs and materials, worked down to the last detail, elevate Ferrimax Luxury Edition safes to the level of what they hold inside.


by Alexandra

The Traveler high security safe is unquestionably a luxury piece of jewellery made with handcrafted methods and using the highest quality materials.

A collaboration with our partner Colección Alexandra, which makes Traveler a masterpiece of design and elegance.

A masterpiece in terms of design and elegance

Traveler by Alexandra

The Zendo certified safe is characterised by its high level of resistance and security against bulgary.

With its elegant and modern design, each safe is a unique and essential element to protect your most special objects.

Protect your most precious values


Lira is a practical, lightweight watch and jewellery safe, designed in vertical format, ideal for displaying your most precious goods.

Its exclusive and timeless style joint to its slim shape, turn itself into a decorative element perfect for any environment.

Can’t hide the passion and enthusiasm for jewellery and watches


The Argia safe is all about light.

Its distinctive glass door, it allows to display the jewellery and watches inside.

It is available in three sizes, all of them with a flexible composition inside, which configures the interior as desired.

A safe with character

Interior finishes

We create safes so that their use is a unique and incomparable experience for each of our customers.

That’s why, for us, the fact that you can choose the interior of your safe is an essential requirement for our entire Luxury Edition range.

Safes designed and manufactured for you

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