The Best Security Solutions for every industry.

You can confide in Ferrimax to protect your most precious assets.

From safes to vaults, our products are the ones you need to create a safe place where you can continue with your commitments and stop worrying about physical security.

Ferrimax is serving the most demanding and high risk places since 1979.

Safes for custody and exhibition of weapons, with a maximum comfort and safety.
Security standard products, custom high protected areas & access control for Banks.
Safes & other physical security products for the Gambling and Casinos Sector needs.
Safes, control access to drug stores and protected restricted areas in hospitals.
Safes and other security products & measures for hotels and resorts.
Physical security adapted to the characteristics of Industrial Establishments.
Safes, reinforced panels and security solutions for Jewelries, complying with current legislation.
Homologated safes and regulated security measures for lotteries.
Security products for Military buildings, from safes to safe rooms to protect weapons & confidential documents.
Safes and security products that respond to the needs of protection for your house & family.
Security products and lasting solutions for Government & Public Administration.
Safes and security products to protect stores, goods and cash of retailers against theft and assault.
Guaranteed security and confidence for companies providing physical security.
Homologated safes & deposit devices for filling stations.
Management of cash deposits & correspondence, safes & security products for Supermarkets.