From our Safes specially shielded against attacks to our most sophisticated Vault Rooms, all our security products meet the demands of the Banking Sector and its mutations.

Recommended products:  Anchoring Plinth for ATM, Anchoring Sheet For Safes, Athermic Cupboards, Cash-Tills, Certified Safes, Drum Deposit Safes, Mail Boxes, Modular Safes, Wall Safes, Ramp and Boxes for disabled people, Safe Deposit Lockers, Light Series Safes, Safes for Digital Recorders, Security Cupboards, Security Pigeonholes and Deposit Lockers, Transac Series Safes, Vault Doors, Vault Rooms.

Ferrimax expertise and innovative technology in the service of Banking Sector.

Security standard products, custom high protected areas & access control for Banks.