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Safe Deposit Lockers

Offer your customers security and protection for documents, jewelry, valuables with Ferrimax Safe Deposit Lockers. Our compartments are designed to be installed inside a vault, safe or as separate units in the lobby of financial entity, hotels etc.
Theft resistance

Ferrimax' Safe Deposit Lockers have been designed and manufactured according to the current standard for Safe Deposit Lockers. The cabinet law dated April 1997, 23rd says that the Safe Deposit Lockers must have at least the security grade A according to the standards 108-110 and 108-112.

All tests were undertaken by the Spanish Laboratory LGAI, obtaining grade B.


It consists of 2 mm thick steel plate with reinforcement angles

Door and Front
They are manufactured with special 8 mm thick steel plate.
It has internal hinges which are reinforced to fight any attempt at sinking.

The FR Safe Deposit Lockers are standardised with two types of lock, with the option of providing the model the customer wishes:

  • A Sargent dual control lock with two keyholes, for customer and control key holders
  • A Ferrimax dual control lock with one keyhole into which both the control and customer keys are inserted

 The lock is protected by a solid casing and prevents effraction in the event of an attempted break-in.


They may be supplied in two widths:  333 mm and 285 mm.
The height is 1970 mm and the depth 480 mm. 
There are 7 standard models of columns, with different compositions 


Special distribution according to the customers' request

Standard colors

Grey FX


Personalised colour