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The Ferrimax Cash Tills are the perfect solution to avoid holdups in retail establishments. They have a sliding drawer with lock device that allows deposits in. Available in various configurations. Ferrimax Cash Tills are suitable to store in a safe place cash, chequebooks, cards, etc.
Theft resistance

Construction Features

Body made up with cold laminated 2,5 mm steel plate.

The Cash Till can be made with 1, 2, 3 or 4 drawers, manufactured with cold laminated 2,5 mm steel plate and installed on slides.

In the case of the cash tills of 1 and 2 drawers, the lower reception box is made up of a door built with 4 mm thick steel plate. The drawer above the reception box has, in its back part, a swinging mechanism, allowing fast deposits.

The drawers can have internal divisions to class banknotes, coin, cards, chequebooks,...

Locking Devices

Key lock on each drawer

Options Drawers

  • Kit time lock
  • Notes Grip

Options Reception Box

  • Mechanical Time Delay (with button)
  • Mechanical Time Delay (with key)
  • Immediate Opening
  • Electronic Time Delay


All the internal and external surfaces of the cash till are protected with antirust primers and then painted.


Ferrimax Grey (RAL 7011)

Standard colors

RAL 7035


Model External Dimensions Weight (Kg.)
Height Width Depth
1 Drawer 600 450 500 60
2 Drawers 65
4 Drawers 600 480 500 75