• Habitaciones del Pánico con paneles reforzados

Panic Room

Ferrimax Security Room will allow you to take cover while your home or company is being attacked and until you're waiting some rescue. Our Protected Areas Solutions provide the highest security by creating rooms inaccessible to foreigners and adapted to the needs of each client.
Theft resistance

The Panic Room, also named secure room or bunker, is a an armoured area, hidden at home, that has, at least, one independent telephone line and a security video recorder closed circuit.

The goal of these secure rooms is to offer people a safe place where they can refuge themselves in case of a burglary or an attack from outside. The assailants act every time with more violence, spreading fear and insecurity among the population.

While intruders are robbing in the house, its occupants are protected into the Panic Room, and different alarm systems installed inform the police.

Nowadays, the concept is developing in order to create a safer environment, armouring the underground, the living room or the bedroom, where people can rest safely.

Although walls can be armoured with concrete, Ferrimax offers you its F.R.N. reinforced panels to protect the room of your choice with thinner walls. We also have the suitable strong doors.



Cable grommet
Pre-equipped system for alarm connection
Door with left-hand opening
Biometric reader