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Security Smart Lockers to receive shipments of online purchases when no one is home

Modular structures that are installed in the lobby of residential buildings, and that are made up of several compartments of different sizes, where to store the packages.

Its management is completely electronic, avoiding the use of physical keys.

A software created by Ferrimax controls the compartments and assigns unique access codes for each use.

The user will simply have to register and reserve the compartment when they need to receive a delivery, comfortably through a simple and intuitive application.

An ecological solution
  • Reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary trips. Energy saving mode on the setpoint screen: off timer.
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Compartment sizes
Simple steps to receive your deliveries
Possible security levels
App Click & Collect
The control of your deliveries with only one click
  • Totally customizable interface
    You can define the logo and colors that make up the header of the application, and also the buttons on the login screen.
  • You will be informed at all times by SMS communications
    The user will receive on their mobile a collection code to open the compartment once the delivery has been made.
  • Complete service management through a simple application
    The operation of the lockers is based on a simple and comfortable web application from where the user manages the deliveries.
Security Smart Lockers, to protect your purchases
Smart acces with electronic lock
Special designs adapted for every occasion
Receiving shipments in the community lobby
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