Physical security solutions for casinos and gaming halls

In this post we analyse the best customised solutions for casinos, bingos and gambling establishments: armoured doors, safes, fences and vaults.
21 Mar 2023


International Security Fairs
04 May 2016

International Security Fairs

SecurityForum 2016 Barcelona on may!
Standard panels F.R.N.
19 Apr 2016

The Panic Room concept

Do you feel threatened in your own home?
Security Forum 2016 4th Edition
05 Apr 2016

Security Forum 2016 4th Edition

4th edition of the annuual gathering of reference for the security in Barcelona.
Protection against burglary
14 Mar 2016

Best protection against burglary

Against burglary: Physical security & common sense.
SICUR 2016
19 Feb 2016

SICUR 2016

Ferrimax at SICUR 2016 fair in Madrid
30 Nov 2015

Ferrimax Twisted Armature

A twisted armature is a steel bar used to reinforce concrete. Concrete is indeed a very resistant...
29 Oct 2015

Products for Data Centers

The data center managers know that security to protect data against hacker attacks is not just a...
19 Oct 2015

Biometric opening systems

Biometric is about to change the physical security as we know it, especially in all refering...
05 Oct 2015

The perfect Safe for your bussiness

The main benefits of a big safe beyond its large capacity, is its high safety and quality. Beyond...
21 Sep 2015

A high-security huge safe

This is "Freeport" the giant safe high security located in Luxembourg with four security...
19 Sep 2015

Ferrimax at Préventica Lyon 2015

Ferrimax will be at the Salon of Security for people and goods, Préventica Lyon. Ferrimax will...