The Panic Room concept

Do you feel threatened in your own home?
19 Apr 2016
Do you feel threatened in your own home?

The causes of this situation are unfortunately common: attacks, armed robbery, theft, etc. So we want to introduce the main features of an increasingly expanded solution when protecting home: the panic room.

The concept of the Ferrimax's Panic Room Ferrimax

It is a modular space solution designed to protect people and their values against all types of attacks such as those mentioned above, built with standard reinforced panels.

How is a panic room built?

Our standard panels F.R.N. are made of steel. They are assembled on walls, floor and ceiling of a room of the house. Therefore our panic rooms fit any space (dressing room, library, bedroom, etc.). One of the main advantages of this modular construction is its quick assembly. In a month you could have your room panic delivered and ready to store your goods and feel protected in case of a possible attack.

Optionally our steel panels can receive an anti-corrosion treatment and reinforcement beams if the structure requires. To be chosen also configurations and finishes of the armored door (as), access systems and locks, automatic lock, special inner linings, ventilation, etc.

Our panels are certified to level VIII.

With Ferrimax is fully guaranteed the security of your private space.





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