Safe vs. Deposit locker

A safe offers security under your roof. The security locker offers security too. But what is the best choice during your holidays?
11 Jul 2017
A safe offers security under your roof. The security locker offers security too. But what is the best choice during your holidays?

Physical security on demand.

A safe provides confidence in the custody of family belongings, official documents or industrial secrets, at home or at your company. In addition to classic safes with mechanical opening devices, Ferrimax can offer innovative safes with electronic opening devices combined with biometric systems (plamvein or eyes biometric reading of the owner). All our safes, with the security levels recommended by our consultants, represent the best security choice for your goods (consider anchorage, wall safes, electronic systems, etc.). In a financial company you can store tangible and non-tangible assets, and avoid the eventual risk of having them under your roof. It is a good option for a temporary solution. Deposit locker service is usually characterized by an exclusive and private service, with accessibility only to the owner of the locker, always accompanied by a bank employee when accessing the belongings. The method of payment and cost of this service may change according to the company.

This option has as the main advantage which is it can be required for a special period of time according your needs. Of course, the size of the locker is somewhat limited. But this detail can be positive in case of an eventual robbery or attack to your locker. We should mention as well that the financial company usually assures and guarantees the deposited securities.

Not willing to allude once again to negative interest rates (savings are still safer in safes than in banking funds), a safe is the best choice when you are abroad or holidays. And that happens a few times a year. Acquiring a safe is to acquire time and tranquility for you and it is forever. Steel last forever.

Physical security for life.

Of course we recommend you, if you have not already, to protect the entrance of your house. Reinforcing doors and rooms with high risk level. You can ask for more information on safes, armored doors and Ferrimax reinforced panels in the form below.



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