Gold vs Bitcoins

Keep filling your golden safe. In this article we explain why.
07 Dec 2017
Keep filling your golden safe. In this article we explain why.

Good things do not change, gold is gold and there are many reasons that make it a safe value.

We mentioned a few months in a post that the safes were been refilled with gold.

It is true that bitcoin sets new historical highs according to an news from La Vanguardia today, but let's not be fooled by speculation. Bitcoin is not suitable for everyone.

Bitcoins have an undeniable appeal, they are on the rise. They are a great innovation and a monetary revolution, which attracts attention and especially likes to people like "hipsters". But as we explained earlier its expansion is accompanied by a bit of bad reputation. According to the Financial Action Group Against Money Laundering - G8, it is suspected that they are part of the preferred payment methods of criminal and terrorist organizations. On the other hand, this cryptocurrency has the great handicap that it does not have the backing of a central bank or an economic organization. Neither is accepted as currency in some countries.

In counterpart recognized economists and financiers consider bitcoins very positive for consumers as it makes easier to control operations and make transactions at low cost. But let's look at it from the point of view of ordinary people.

The bitcoin, is not suitable for clueless or technophobes.

Losing money and not finding it also happens with bitcoins. The cryptocurrency is based on a password necessary to have the value of the bitcoins. If the key is lost, the value of the bitcoins is also lost. In recent years there have been many cases of people who at one time lost their cryptocurrency, by formatting their hard drive where they stored the bitcoins locally, without making previous backup copy, or by forgetting the password. To avoid this drama, the storage and control of passwords must be taken very seriously.

Then we leave you some articles to finish forging an opinion (in Spanish)



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