A door lock for your house

Yes, a locked door is the best way to get away intruders. Just make sure that the door is locked.
01 Sep 2017
Yes, a locked door is the best way to get away intruders. Just make sure that the door is locked.

As we use to say in Ferrimax, physical security puts time on your side. Burglars would spend more time and energy when trying to enter your home.

However reinforcing your door house should not be the only security measure since even the most resistant door lock could be removed with a drill for example... A good security system should be complemented with alarm, video surveillance, or even a guard dog. It's up to you to decide.

That said, Ferrimax can offer you several locking systems: multi-point locking systems, cylinder locks or electronic/biometric ones.

A multi-point locking system has a minimum of three locking points that all lock simultaneously with the turn of key. That locking mechanisms prevents the bolt from being turned.

Cylinder locks are a common doors locks and they offer an even better protection. Actually, approximately 80% of locks, including those for security doors and armored doors, are mechanical cylinders locks. When the key is inserted, the cylinders are pushed up to align so the device can open. This system has recently been reinforced with electronic technology, as a safer solution against bumping attacks. The cylinders lock can be combined with electronic or biometric devices.

Our recommendation is to install a quality door lock made of strong material in order to ensure your door will be resistent and burglar proof.

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