LORIS Deposit System uses the latest Banknotes Pay In System, approved by BCE, specially designed for applications, shops, small banking, kiosks, etc. The systems controls the authenticity of banknotes and put them inside the Ferrimax Safe. The concept defines the evolution of the cash-in systems, making possible the checking of the deposited money and connecting it to customer identification of the person who did the transaction.
  • Loris
  • Sistema de ingresos

LORIS Deposit System


  • Banknotes Checking and Counting Management
  • Banknotes Checking and Validation, with Deposit, Return, with Protected Zone
  • Communication (LAN or WiFi or GPRS), with Customer Information System
  • Remote Indication of the Deposits and of the need to remove the money from the safe
  • Possible Customer Identification. Indication of the ATM use for an attribution or a transaction.
  • Ticket Printing, with the details of the deposit


Once the money has been deposited, the system prints a ticket with the banknotes details: time and date, client code.

The system data are also available in a remote way, to check the amount which is inside the safe.

A 7'' graphic display with touchscreen make easier the interface.

The management software allows the record of the activity, the accounting and the balance of the deposits, with the possibility to create distinction between value, banknote and quantity.


  • Deposit System up to 50 banknotes
  • Checking Time: 2 seconds / banknote
  • Available with or without transport cassette (cash box up to 2000 banknotes)
  • Confirmation through Optical Device (6 wave lengths IR, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, UV) for the reflection and transparency control, which allows to verify the magnetic band of the banknote on its total length.
  • Purchasing of different banknotes with a system of auto-centralization.