In order to keep safe your weapons, Ferrimax has developed a range of Safes that comply with the EN 1143-1 European Standard requirements, obtaining Security Grade I. Our CFR-6 Plus and CFR-7 Plus models holding capacity for 5 and 7 rifles.  
  • Safes for long weapons
  • Safes for long weapons
  • Safes for long weapons

Safes for long weapons



The Safes for Weapons have an inside armour made up of high resistant composite materials with metallic fibres, which provide to the whole with great mechanical and resistance.


The total width of the door is 85 mm (including locking devices). The door is installed on a set composed by double pivoting hinges, on two axes with self-lubricating cushions. On the hinges side, it has a longitudinal tongue and groove profile against removal, what prevents its opening in the case of an attack on the hinges side. The upper, lower and lateral part of the door is blocked with mobile bolts.

Locking Devices

The locking devices are distributed on the whole surface of the door, and act individually on powerful cylindrical Ø 30 mm bolts. Anti-drilling protection of the sensitive areas of the mechanism, of the bolts, of the relocking system and of the main key lock. 


  • 1 double bitted key lock, Class II, EN 1300 certified
  • 1 Electronic combination lock, Class II, EN 1300 certified


The CFR Plus Series can be fitted with the weapons set, made up of an internal security box with door and key lock, a rack to put the weapons and hooks on the door.
Covering with wood, polished in dark or light tone.


All the internal and external surfaces are protected with antirust primers and paint. 


RAL 7038 (light grey)

Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Weight (Kg.) Volume (litres)
High Width Depth High Width Depth
CFR-6 - Grade I 1600 450 400 1520 370 270 415 152
CFR-7 - Grade I 1600 580 400 1520 500 270 530 205