Ferrimax Guns Enclosure is made up of 2 Safes CF 801 L fixed inside a Safe CF 816 L. The 3 Safes are certified grade III, according to the EN 1143-1 European Standard. This way, it is possible to keep the guns and the munitions at the same place, being however separated as required by the law. 4 guns can be kept inside each CF 801 L.
  • Guns Enclosure grade III
  • Guns Enclosure grade III
  • Guns Enclosure grade III
  • Guns Enclosure grade III

Guns Enclosure grade III


For the manufacturing of safes which constitute the enclosure, Ferrimax uses high resistant composites.


Walls width: 42,5 mm


The total width of the door is 150 mm, including the locking mechanism. The width of the armour is 80 mm.
1 anchoring hole in the base

Locking Devices

They are distributed on the whole surface of the door and act individually on powerful cylindrical Ø 30 mm bolts.
Double bitted key lock and electronic combination lock, class B (EN 1300)


All the internal and external surfaces are protected with antirust primers and paint.


Special covering with wood, in dark or light tone.
Special covering with leather.

Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Weight (Kg.) Volume (litres)
High Width Depth High Width Depth
CF-816L - Grade III + 2x CF-801L - Grade III 1000 665 475 916 581 315 580 (14,5+14,5)+13