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Deposit Lockers

The Ferrimax Deposit Lockers allow return of cash to the client in a safe way, flexible and personalized. The compartments are electronically controlled and do not need keys, they can only be opened with the user ID previously registered by the bank. The compartment doors have several fixing points in order to ensure security against vandalism.
Theft resistance
Cash transfer

Deposit Lockers

System structure

  • The deposit lockers are composed of modules maximum with 15 compartments and can be adapted according to the needs of the customer.
  • The compartments are loaded through the back reinforced door that is equipped with an electronic delay combination, although the load can also be done from the outside, opening each compartment.
  • Electronically controlled management by the registration and identification of authorized users to access to the compartments.


System elements

  • Reinforced compartments, equipped with safety lock.
  • Electronic management system.
  • User Identification by magnetic card.
  • User interface by touch screen.
  • Printer (option).
  • Deposit system with Safe (option).


Electronic Management

The user interface it makes it easy to operate for both administrator and customer.
Can be programmed a specific time collected from customers.
The auditor allows tracking all movements made during last few months, a very important for optimizing operations and useful to detect possible incidents.


Operation cycle

  1. The customer calls to the bank to make his request (cash, checks, documents, ...).
  2. The bank employee program the locker with all parameters.
  3. The bank employee load compartments with what has been requested by the customer.
  4. The customer can go through the agency and identify with its bank card to open the compartment that has been attributed.

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