With our Cash-in Safes 800 Europe Series, Ferrimax R&D has designed solutions to respond new banking demands. Our solutions for cash and paying in systems are modular and meet requirements of hospitals, airports, retail and banks.
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Cash-in Safes 800 Europe Series


  1. Client recognition: bank cards, cards with RFID technology, biometric readers, client number + PIN code, etc.
  2. Envelope recognition through bar code and declaration of the credited amount.
  3. Opening of the deposit drum: mechanical or motorised. The original position of the drum is definable: “open” or “closed”.
  4. Confirmation of deposit through a combination of different electronic systems (rotary drum, anti-fishing system, and a set of 4 optical barriers).
  5. Printing of a deposit receipt.
  6. Computer link with the client’s net: remote control of the deposits, alarms, users’ database, remote maintenance, etc.

Construction features

External element

Manufactured with cold laminated 10 mm thick steel plate. It is made up with a door fitted a security key lock working with a guided double spade key. The closing is ensured by two rounded bolts diameter 25 mm. The internal mechanism is a swinging by counterweight, which closes automatically once the envelope has been deposited. 

Internal element

The safe can be any kind of our models according to the capacity wished. 


External panel and revolving mechanism made of stainless steel with quality AISI 316. 


25 keys, 25 numbered plastic bags, 25 padlocks, vertical or horizontal panel, correspondence deposit system, luminous label, bank anagram. 


The models of safes 810, 812 and 815 of the 800 Europe Series can be provided with the following deposit systems:

  • Slot and reinforcement on the top
  • Deposit system and reinforcement on the top
  • Pneumatic entrance and reinforcement on the top