The Smart Solution for the Cash Management distributed by Ferrimax This innovative cash deposit machine is perfect for its installation in retail stores, to dissuade possible criminal minds and to protect the employees. The banknotes inside the device are protected by the Villiger Ink Staining Technology. MinipayIn system is a smart and worthwhile solution. It counts and validates banknotes. All the transactions are sent online to the back office, and the money is safely kept inside the cash cassette.
  • PointCASH Ferrimax
  • PointCASH Ferrimax
  • CASH-Access Ferrimax


PointCASH System is a next-generation cash deposit (certified by the ECB), along with a coin acceptor, exclusively designed for shops, kiosks, service stations, retail outlets etc. The device controls the authenticity of money ticket and orderly placed inside the safe. MTF using a coin validator to guarantee maximum safety as well as verification and validation.

The device controls the money deposit state, enabling the verification and counting of money deposited. It also gives information of the user who made the deposit. When making a deposit, user gots a receipt of the operation, indicating the date, time, user and the amount deposited divided by values. The system data and information on safe content are available remotely.

The user interface is done via a 7'' touch screen. The software allows control at all times of the activities, accounting and quadrant of deposits made with the ability to generate lists for values ​​and quantities.

Double access to the interior: the up door to maintain the acceptor and the front door for access to the cash box.

The recognition of the user is done via electronic key.

When combined with the system certificate "Kaithron" to open the safe, you can use the functionality of dynamic code to pick up content through a monetary carrier.

Features of PointCASH

  • Both recognition and validation of tickets and coins.
  • Verification of deposit or tickets with the possibility of restitution.
  • Communication (LAN, WIFI or GPRS) with the computer system.
  • Remote indicator of the state of safe and need for retirement.
  • Ability to identify users who use the system.
  • Print the receipt of deposit.
  • Safe made of 12mm special steel.
  • Protected locking system with irreversible system lock, and manganese steel plate.
  • Bolt: 1 + 1 horizontal vertical


This system monitors the authenticity of banknotes and orderly places deposits inside the safe.

The user interface can be performed via a PC (with management software) or via a separate console that can be placed on the box or on another remote support.

The door locking system is performed by a certified high security lock mod. Kaithron through a secret code (also available for identifying high security electronic key, RFID or biometric reader).

The management software allows, among other functions, audit activities registered, account audit and reconcile deposits (possibility of distinction for values ​​and quantities).

Functions and features

  • Verifying the validity of tickets 5-10-20-50-100-200-500 Euros (checker built into the door of the safe.
  • Verification and safe deposit, deposited banknotes counting, dividing them by value and quantity.
  • Memorization of events, with date, time and notes deposited.
  • Verification and retention ticket validator (for customer complaints), with the possibility of extraction or deposit it.
  • Connection with a cash register via PC with Secur Cash management software for viewing the information screen. Generating a excel file or at the end of the day.
  • Multi-user electronic combination lock code, output no / nc (switchable alarm) relay lock with 16x2 alphanumeric LCD display for opening the safe after recognition of a six numbersvalid code.
  • Viewing the display keyboard operations (notes deposited, date, time and total).
  • Reonciling deposits at the end of the day.
  • Box made of special 3mm steel.


  • Thermal printing table for printing daily operations.
  • Remote Console with table support (without the telco door).
  • PC connection via management software (required keypad on the door).


This system uses a last generation ticket converter (certified by the ECB), specifically designed for shops, kiosks, points of sale, etc. The CASH-Access controls the authenticity of tickets and places them inside the safe.

The device defines the evolution of the deposits, making possible to verify and recount them and associating it with users who has made the deposits.

Operations of CASH-Access

The user is identified by an electronic key. The interface is a 7 "graphic display with touch screen.

Once the operation is completed, the system issues a receipt indicating the date, time, the user code and the amount of money deposited, specified by banknote values.

For the opening of the safe, the enabled user must be identified by a high security electronic key with SHA cryptographic engine.

Management software that allows functions such as activity logging, accounting and balance of deposits, with the possibility of generating distinctions by value, bill and quantity.

In addition, the system allows remote consultation of the system data, for verification and control of accumulated inside the safe.


  • Validator certified by ECB.
  • Storage box with capacity up to 1000 banknotes.
  • Reception of tickets with auto centered.
  • Banknote recognition and accounting.
  • Communication (LAN, WIFI or GPRS) with computer system.
  • Remote indicator of deposits status and withdrawal requirement.
  • Possibility of identification of the users who make deposits or use the system.
  • Print receipt of the deposit made.
  • Safe made of special of 3mm steel.
  • Possibility to anchor it.

MinipayIn a real Innovation

It only has advantages: with minipayIn, you save in logistics, security, comfort, and you also save money

  • Transparency: with this revolutionary system, the shop employee does not have to count the banknotes anymore. minipayIn does it for him/her, record it and send it directly to the shop bank account. It also allows to have a better control of the employees, thanks to its identification system through RFID keys.
  • Immediate Access to the Information: notification by GSM or Ethernet to the Manager
  • Use of the existing means: use of the existing transport and security systems.
  • Easiness: it also has an alert system, which is 100 % configurable.
  • Costs Decrease: no need to re-count or to manipulate cassettes
  • Risk Reduction: protection from internal thefts and possible criminal minds.

High security

VILLIGER Security Ink: in the improbable case of an attack, the cash placed inside the security bag of the system would be completely destructed thanks to Villiger Security Ink, unique in the world, which stains forever banknotes and make them useless. 

Client’s benefits

  • Allows for immediate control the cash intake through GSM communication- SMS Reports.
  • Daily reports of all activities.
  • Reduction of the operating costs through automatised cash counting.
  • Cash protection from internal thefts through employees‘ cash deposit registration.
  • Counterfeit recognition.
  • Effective robbery protection.
  • Risk reduction especially on night robberies.
  • Possibility of online bank connection.
  • Note reader certified by European Central Bank (ECB).
  • Net protection available.
  • Cassette with VILLIGER Ink System (for 1200 Banknotes).
  • Ergonomical size.
  • Modern design – can be installed at Point Of Sales (POS) or Back office.
  • Only authorised person has the access to cash cassette.

minipayIN: a Villiger product