Ferrimax Biometric Opening System, applied to the Bank Safe Deposit Lockers, makes possible the remote opening of the Locker, which gives the customer a much more confidential access to its personal belongings, that are kept in the vault room.
  • Biometría Palm Vein
  • Biometría Facial

Biometrics: Palm Vein

The customer always needs the key of its locker to open it, but the access to the vault room, as well as the releasing of the locker, are controlled by the system of access management.

Only a modification of the deposit lockers gives the possibility to motorize them all, and to manage their opening in an easy and safe way.

All the lockers have an electro-mechanical lock, connected to the server, which allows the bank not to have any master key. This also makes easier and quicker for the customer the access to the locker.


Interactive management console for the control of access by the customers to the vault room.

  • Customer identification through biometric system, with personal card.
  • Boxes management through communication bus, connected to the management console.
  • Audit of the deposit lockers openings
  • Alarm system, for the detection of opened lockers for a long time
  • Locker with key-retaining lock, to avoid pulling out the key when the door is opened.
  • Master key, with permits to open the boxes without need to be connected to the electronic management system, in case of emergency of defective system.

Biometrics: Facial identification

Ferrimax Opening Management System offers you the possibility to act remotely on the devices. Moreover, all the installation can be adapted, according to the customer's needs.

The Opening Management System without Key, through Facial Identification, allows you to manage and control the opening of Safes, Strong Doors, Security Cupboards, Showcases and other products of Physical Security.

With this product, Ferrimax offers to the market an innovative system, which fulfill all the requirements and offers the necessary alternatives for the Opening Management of products fitted with this system.


  • The Opening Management System is able to operate with various users
  • It checks systematically the physical state of the lock: open or closed
  • Registers in its memory all the activity, that can be then consulted and analyzed.
  • External communications, to allow the Technical Service to act through Computer to solve problems that user cannot solve.
  • Co-action Alarm System in case of threat.
  • Blocking of showcases and stepped opening in case of alarm activation.
  • Recording and identification of the user through Biometric Reader through Facial Reconnaissance.