The Ferrimax FPB 70 Door Grade 4 is specially designed to protect banks, jewelers, local buying and selling gold, security companies, armories, etc. against attacks. Our armoured doors meet the requirements of European Standard UNE EN-1627/28/30: 2000.
  • Armoured Doors Grade 4 - CR4
  • Puerta Blindada
  • Puerta Blindada

Armoured Door FPB 70 Grade 4 - CR4

Construction Features

  • Door and Frame manufactured with 3 mm steel plate, with rigidable reinforcement inside door and frame.
  • Security Hinges welded to door and frame, with self-lubricating bearings.
  • Opening up to 180º
  • Anti-unhinging system
  • Filling up of door with B.S.70 Eurograde:A1 rockwool.

Closing Devices

  • UNE EN 12209:2004:7 European Standard certified High Security Lock
  • 7 Closing Bolts Ø 18 + Latch Bolt.
  • UNE EN 1303:2006:6 European Standard Cylinder.
  • Cylinder Protector included.
  • Additional Protection of the Lock with Manganese.


Door painting with antirust primes, RAL 7011 (Dark Grey) Colour.

Dimensions: 2130 X 995

Free Clearance: 2020 x 810

Weight : 250 Kg aprox


  • Pre-installation / Installation of Electric Latch
  • Cable Exit on Top of Frame.
  • Fireproof perimeter swollen joint, with 1/10 expansive capacity.
  • Optic Glass (200º) Ø 22 Peephole.
  • EN 356 (P7B) certified Glass Oculus (max. dimensions: 200x200)
Model Dimensions(mm) Free clearance Weight (kg)
  High Width    
Multipoint Key lock with security key
FPB-70 RC4 L (A:Int.Right) 2130 995 2020x810 170
FPB-70 RC4 L (B:Int.Left)
FPB-70 RC4 E (C:Ext.Right)
FPB-70 RC4 E (D:Ext.Left)