Smart drawer with an exclusive design for the cash management in small shops. Very easy to install and use, the Anti Hold Up Drawer prevents any temptation of money robbery for and from the employees. Its ideal weight and multi position anchoring possibilities make of this drawer the best time-hold-up relationship. Manufactured with the best Ferrimax materials, its time delay lock comes as a valuable complement of its strength.  
  • Anti Holdup Security Drawer
  • Anti Holdup Security Drawer
  • Anti Holdup Security Drawer
  • Anti Holdup Security Drawer
  • Anti Holdup Security Drawer

Anti Hold Up Drawer

Patented Product Nº 200901213

Strong, manufactured with 3 mm thick steel plate, the drawer can be anchored through its upper or lower part. It's delivered with an anchoring steel plate, which is also a stencil to make the holes. Easy installation.


  • Cash is introduced in the upper drawer
  • Time-delayed drawer, to keep the values
  • We'll have to wait for the programmed time-delay to open the drawer
  • This drawer has to be anchored to the counter, bar or any other place by its upper or lower part

How does it work?

The Anti Hold Up Drawer allows you to introduce the banknotes in the upper drawer. When you close it, the banknotes fall down in the lower part, that is fitted with two strong Ø 22 mm bolts activated through a handle-knob and blocked by an electronic time delay lock, programmable from 1' to 99'.

External dimensions (mm) Internal dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg) Volume (Litres)
High Width Depth High Width Depth    
150 450 450 102 358 285 30 8,5