Safe Floor Anchoring Device of an ATM, which can be adjustable in height, according to the new EN 1143- 1 European Standard, as well as the new Private Secur ity regulations.
  • Anchoring Plinth for ATM
  • Anchoring Plinth for ATM

Anchoring Plinth for ATM


  1. Base of the Plinth Manufactured with high resistance steel, with four holes on the lower part for a direct anchoring on the flo or.
  2. Upper Part of the Plinth Is used as the supporting base of the ATM and can b e adjusted in height in order to raise correctly the ATM.
  3. Anchoring Back Tab Fixed part of the plinth, which fixes the ATM to th e plinth.
  4. External Foot Manufactured with steel and is used as finishing, t aht avoid an access inside the plinth when the ATM is installed.