Ferrimax AFB Series Cupboards comply with the EN 1143-1 European Standard requireements.  
  • AFB Series Cupboards for guns
  • AFB Series Cupboards for guns

AFB Series Cupboards for guns - National Defense Cupboards

Product Features

  • Cupboards with metal structure 30/10.
  • Manganese Armour in front of the principal mechanisms.
  • Relocking system with a mechanical and thermal onset.
  • Mechanisms cover with seals on the upper and lower parts.
  • Shutter with key in front of the changing code hole.
  • Interlocking system for the cupboards with 2 doors (AFB-1 and AFB-3).
  • Serial Number pressed on the door and body of the cupboard.
  • Unfalsifiable opening lock.
  • Mechanical silent combination lock with discrete manœuvre (Sargent & Greenleaf 8550 group 1. or equivalent).
  • Secured cables passage (cupboard for computer).
  • Immediate viewing of the door closing.


  • Columns of Lockers, installed inside the AFB Cupboards or in another local.
  • The Cupboards can be covered with wood, leather or painted with a special colour.
  • Ability to manufacture made-to-measure cupboards, including the structure.