Security Forum 2017


You can not miss it! Security Forum 2017 from May 17 to 18.

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Customized for you


Elegance and style on your safe is possible thanks to a leather, wood or special design on the whole range of Ferrimax safes. Personalize to your taste and image.

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Welcoming 2017!


Feliz Año Nuevo! Bon Any 2017! Happy New Year! Bonne Année 2017!

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Year 2016 is ending


This year is about to end. It's time to wish you success & prosperity and renew our commitment to continue improving and hopefully offering the best in the new year.

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From bank to hotel


Inaugurated Hotel W Amsterdam, former KAS Bank converted into luxury hotel. Surprising!

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Ferrimax special tv show "made in spain"


Ferrimax is still prioritizing strongness and quality 3 years after this report on how safes are made. What has changed is innovation. Our products can be fully equipped with biometrics and electronics. Ferrimax Security in steady progress.

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Special discounts on products at Expoprotection


Discover our physical security products and get professional advice on Ferrimax stand P33! Promotions on electronic security products (orders and compartments) and presentation of the luxury range.

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Vault rooms nowadays


The vault is no longer a secret space.

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Expoprotection, see you tomorrow!


Safes, armored doors, strong room, reinforced walls. All our products and advice on stand P33 of Expoprotection.

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Our vault rooms


Modular reinforced walls, specially designed to protect against attacks. Strongrooms and other protected areas.

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