The two exhibitions to which we’ve attended have just finished: Security Essen in Germany, September 25-28, and Preventica, October 2-4.

We would like to thank all the people that came to our booths to know better our security products and also establish new synergies between professionals of this field.

The participation in international exhibitions, specialized in security and technological products brings knowledge about innovations and latest trends in this sector. It also inspires to develop new products.

We highlight the Bank Deposit Lockers as well as the Security Charge Point as star products. The lockers are used as a cash-in management system and offer the customer a safe, flexible, and personalized access to cash money. The SCP is known as a safe point where you can charge your cell phone and also keep other values.

Next event: Expoprotection París 2018, we’ll shortly bring news.

  • Security Essen Ferrimax
  • Securiy Essen Ferrimax
  • Securiy Essen Ferrimax
  • Preventica Ferrimax