In Ferrimax we have incorporated new products into our catalogue. Among the new products you can find Key Security Safes, Fireproof Products and Safes for the Retail and Private sector.

We know that the world is evolving and therefore new needs and demands appear. Therefore, we at Ferrimax always study the most advanced solutions and we try to adapt them to our sector: the security.

The new security products belong to the Sentry Safe range. First, you find the Security Safes to store keys. They are the solution to give secure access to people identified to your home, rental apartments (Airbnb), hotels, shopping centers or stores. They are designed for fixed installation on the wall, next to the entrance door. We have different models according to the size and degree of security, as well as highlighting the Bluetooth key safe and Bluetooth padlock.

The second category of new products are Safes resistant to fire and water. These safes are ideal for offices and residences. They protect technological devices (smartphones, tablets, USB's). We have several models, depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the safes: protection 60 or 120 minutes against fire and water, with tray, drawer, with key or electronic combination.

The third group of products are Security Safes, for stores and private residences. They are small security safes, designed to store small valuables, such as documents or jewelry.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about any of these security products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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